Pregnancy after Gastric Sleeve (VSG) Kathryn who had her gastric sleeve procedure performed by Dr. Alvarez 3 year ago talks about her recent pregnancy and her experience with the gastric sleeve.
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  1. Endobariatric says:

    Hi Vera. It’s possible although not recommended. The idea is to wait 1 year after surgery but I’ve had patients who get pregnant (as an accident) 3-4 months out from surgery. All comes out good but not a good idea. Hope this helps with your question.
    Dr. Alvarez

  2. vera hutchison says:

    What if you are older can u start in 6 months after sleeved

  3. klaaspice says:

    thanks for sharing. I just had my sleeve done 3 months ago- definitely want to have my own babies one day!

  4. Angie Montes says:

    Thank you for the info ;)

  5. mslady777 says:

    This is WONDERFUL NEWS! I’m scheduled to have the GSV in two months and this was one of my concerns, Thx for the info :)

  6. busa527 says:


  7. Sylvia Gomez says:

    Thanks for the information!

  8. hellokittynj says:

    great information

  9. Marsaglia1 says:

    Kathryn … applause on this excellent report … was it a little boy or girl ??

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