Live Pregnancy Test

Live Pregnancy Test

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25 Responses to Live Pregnancy Test

  1. Moni R says:


  2. RealityJuMad says:

    lol, in this video she is about 13 months in this video. but she is over 2 years old now

  3. ranchd44 says:

    I loved your husbands reaction! My husband would react the same way! How old is your daughter in this video she looks like the same age as my daughter who is 14 months.

  4. shortbutsweet1980ml says:

    Iiitts june!! Have u had ur sweet baby yet?

  5. 247icebaby says:

    congrats… you having your baby in June. A Summer Baby! Awesome!. Wish you a save and easy delivery. Keep us posted. Congratulations once again.

  6. RealityJuMad says:

    thank you!

  7. Charlotte Pool says:

    Love the little hug at the end with your daughter! :P x

  8. Charlotte Pool says:

    Hahha “does that mean it’s a boy?” :L x bless him

  9. Charlotte Pool says:

    I didn’t miss mine either I took a test 4 days before and it was positive but I didn’t believe it so i took another one the next day and i believed it. :L

  10. Charlotte Pool says:

    I have that shower curtain!! :P woo lol congratulations, i’mm pregnant too! x

  11. RealityJuMad says:


  12. Hilary Joy Irons says:

    haha use 2 hands man! :D

  13. RealityJuMad says:

    thank you!! lol

  14. dweathers701 says:

    Your husband is funny! Happy for you all!

  15. RealityJuMad says:


  16. Miiszunique101 says:

    Lol this is too cute. Congrats

  17. Cailey Ruble says:

    Kool my bf is happy

  18. RealityJuMad says:

    Thank You!

  19. oracle2world says:

    Congrats! You are fulfilling your destiny.

  20. RealityJuMad says:

    Thank you so much! I am sending baby dust your way!!

  21. RealityJuMad says:

    Thank you! considering I just woke up in this video, that’s a compliment!!

  22. ModernWife says:

    so happy for you! you’re glowing already, btw… looking so lovely here!!

  23. RealityJuMad says:

    We are very excited!!

  24. ModernWife says:

    EEEEEEEEE!! amazing!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!! imad’s reaction was fantastic! and stinky jasmine just flopping around all over the bed hahah wow a family of 4!!! :)

  25. RealityJuMad says:

    Don’t worry, I didn’t take offense, I am shocked also because it happened so fast, lol!

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